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        CHNV Technology Co., LTD, founded in 2008, A-share listed company, is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales, currently have 3 manufacturing bases globally with designed annual capacity of 230,000tons.
        For more than ten years, the company takes "To create ideal value for customers" as the core values, pragmatic and steady management, innovative development,
        grow into an excellent lubrication solution leader, widely win good recognitions from customers and the concerned communities, become the most trusted brand in the field.

         With the mission of being Chinese outstanding chemical technology company, adhering to the innovation concept of “Lead the world advance, far ahead in China”, we devote to supply the excellent products and service for worldwide customers, to create ideal value for customers.

        • Founded in

          Founded in


        • Annual production capacity

          Annual production capacity


        • Floor area

          Production Bases


          in China


          in Indonesia
        • Workshop area

          Workshop area



        Product Center


        Provide customers with product customization and comprehensive solutions

         We are the first to create the fully automatic production line, specializing in the production of free fatty acid salts, fatty acid ester, fatty acid amide, scheme type compound additives for petrochemicals, rubber, plastic, paint, paper, food, cosmetics, feeds, etc. Selecting natural environmental raw materials, adopt the most advanced clean production energy-saving process, with excellent quality, the products have exported to many countries and areas. We’ve obtained lots of honors like “National specialized special new "little giant" enterprises, “National intellectual property advantage enterprises” “Guangdong Brand” “Guangdong Famous Trademark”, “National high-tech Enterprise”, “Tax advanced Enterprise”, etc.

         We actively fulfill the development idea “Lead the future by scientific technology and culture”, persist the service concept “Sincere communication, Professional Service, Make customers’ customers be more satisfied”, expect to cooperate with all new and old customers as well as friends for mutual development.

        Equipment professional
        R & D strength
        Famous enterprise talent
        Industry reputation
        Quality Assurance

        Certificate of honor

        A-share listed company
        National "specialized, special and new" small giant enterprise
        National high-tech enterprise
        National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise
        Top 10 Enterprises in China's Light Industry Plastics Industry (Plastic Auxiliaries)
        Guangdong Province contract-abiding and credit-worthy enterprise
        Guangdong Provincial Technical Center
        Guangdong Environmental Protection Rubber and Plastic Engineering Technology Research Center
        Innovation Enterprise of Guangdong Province
        Dongguan Top 100 Innovative Enterprises
        Dongguan Technician Workstation
        ?“Guangdong Brand” ......

        Excellent scientific and technological achievements

        Excellent scientific and technological achievements

        Innovative SME

        National Specialty New "Little Giant" enterprise

        Technician workstation

        High-tech enterprises

        NEWS Center

        2016 Germany K show

        2016 chinaplas雅式展上海

        2016 chinaplas

        2015China plas Guangzhou

        2014 chinaplas

        2013.11 Chinacoat

        Non-voc Green, Clean and Eco-Friendly Waterborne Coating Film Forming Additives Came Out

        By the Middle of February, After One Year of Operation and Debugging, The Production Line of 10,000 Tons/Year Clean Taste Environmental Protection Waterborne Coating Film Forming Agent Has Fully Met the Design Requirements. This Product Is a Fully Environmental Protection Film Forming Agent Favored by Developed Countries, Which Provides Support for the Upgrading of Waterborne Coatings.

        Website New Revision of CHNV New Material Technology Co., LTD.

        CHNV Technology Co., Ltd. Was Established in 2008, Aiming to Become an International Excellent Chemical Technology Enterprise, Is a Joint-Stock Chemical Technology Enterprise Integrating Scientific Research, Production and Sales.

        CHINAPLAS 2018 --The 32nd China International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition

        CHINAPLAS 2018 --The 32nd China International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition

        CHNV Will Be the Exhibitor of Chinaplas 2018, Which Will Be Held in Shanghai, China from 24 to 27 April 2018.

        We Sincerely Invite You and Your Colleagues to CHINAPLAS 2018 and Hope to Have the Opportunity to Visit Our Booth (Booth No. : 8.2s37).
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